Wednesday June 20th 2018

At 05h15 pm
Hôpital Pitié-Salpêtrière – Institute of Cardiology
5th floor ADICARE Amphitheatre
83 boulevard Vincent Auriol – 75013 PARIS

Registration by mail is free
but mandatory :


Programme – Heart and Brain

18h00 : Introduction

  1. Clinical caseDr Marion Yger
  2. Stroke, AF and Renal failurePr Yves Samson
  3. Which left atrial appendage we should close ?Pr Johanne Silvain
  4. Which PFO we should not close ?Pr Gilles Montalescot
  5. ESUS : Embolic Strokes of Undetermined SourceDr Anne Léger
  6. Should we treat an asymptomatic carotid stenosis before a cardiac surgery ?Dr Flore Baronnet
  7. ACS, AF ans StrokePr Ariel Cohen
  8. How can we best detect AF ?Dr Françoise Hidden-Lucet