Thursday December 20th 2018

At 05h15 pm
Hôpital Pitié-Salpêtrière – Institute of Cardiology
5th floor ADICARE Amphitheatre
83 boulevard Vincent Auriol – 75013 PARIS

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but mandatory :


Modern prevention of cardiovascular disease

17h30 : Introduction

  1. Clinical caseDr Mathieu Kerneis
  2. How should we treat severe HBP ?Pr Xavier Girerd
  3. Applying artificial intelligence to management of hypertensive patientsFrançois Bossière
  4. Antidiabetic drugs: modern versus oldPr Agnès Hartemann
  5. How to use modern smoking cessation methods ?Pr Daniel Thomas
  6. Mono or dual antiplatelet therapy in secondary prevention ?Pr Gérard Helft
  7. Get dress for cardiovascular prevention ?Mael Mertad
  8. Management of lipid-lowering therapy after an ACSPr Gabriel Steg