Logo ABYSSThe prescription of beta-blockers after a myocardial infarct has been part of the clinical practices and international recommendations for over 40 years. Thanks to the emergency coronary reperfusion, significant decrease of post-infarct mortality, essentially sudden death and heart failure, calls into question the relevance of this long term treatment, which is under discussion in the latests 2017 ESC recommendations.

The french trial ABYSS, managed by the Action Group and financed by a national PHRC, will start in 2018 with 20 centers. This large scale trial (3700 patients enrolled) will be the first randomized trial to look into the discontinuation of beta-blockers in non-complicated infarcts.
Schéma étude ABYSS
We need at least 50 centers for the trial to be carried out within a reasonable timespan. We therefore are looking for cardiology centers monitoring their patients post-infarct and willing to participate in the trial.
The protocole is simple: randomisation is done by telephone and the eCRF is very short.

To participate please contact ACTION group on +33142162959 or by email :
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