The ACTION group doctors intervene within companies considering the health of their employees as a real priority.

« ACTION in your Company »

Acting in your company for the health of your employees

« ACTION in your Company » arose from a double observation. First of all over 20 million people are at risk with regard to cardiovascular diseases in France. Second, 80% of employers and employees consider that their company plays a role in contributing to their good health. ACTION group proposes a global information, prevention and education program orientated towards the primary prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

With the « Action in your Company » program, you can act for the health of your employees, and participate in a major challenge for public health.

They trusted us for the well being of their employees


Companies as public health actors

Your company : a prevention area

With over 150 000 casualties per year, cardiovascular diseases are the second cause of mortality in France. The 20 million people at risk have little awareness of the public health and economic aspects at stake. To provide this prevention one needs to commit and interfere efficiently.

Various actions can be developped :

  • Identifying risk factors : smoking , arterial hypertension, diabetes or high cholesterol level. Many people ignore that they present risk factors !
  • Act on the risk behaviour (eating disorder, sedentarity lifestyle, stress, sleep disorder, alcohol and tobacco consumption, etc.)

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Our program is adapted to your specific needs

Four levels of expertise to serve the company and its employees

  • 1. A global approach through information
    This program offers in-company intervention to inform, trigger awareness and give directions or recipes for cardiovascular prevention but also recognition of the first symptoms of cardiovascular disease and learning of life-saving decisions.
    The mission includes conferences, workshops, Q&A sessions, the supply of practical and easy tools : websites, twitter account, radio and TV, lay press on cardiovascular prevention. A tool box is also provided including guidance, articles, a quiz and posters elaborated by professionals, experts in cardiology. These tools allow to prepare our intervention with information and awareness raising campaigns and to continue the operation after our action.
  • 2. An accountability through education
    Intra or extra-company workshops can be organized : theoretical as well as practical, they are animated by the Action network experts : professors, doctors, para-medics in prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
  • 3. A global support through action
    At this level companies benefit from a real public health advice program focused on cardiovascular diseases. The program integrates a follow-up of the education action (hotlines, newsletters and renewed awareness making, etc.)
  • 4. The assessment of our interventions : The result
    Through a questionnaire we evaluate the follow-up of identified long-term cardiovascular risks, i.e. the percentage of decreasing cardiovascular risk factors.

At the heart of prevention

Video presenting the information, prevention and education program which took place at Lacoste group. video in french
Credits : Lacoste

Action in your Company

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program during the « Lacoste Olympliad »

Who can act for better health in your company ?

Following the example of other subjects (CSR, sustainable development…) health is definitely a transversal concern involving many actors : Human Resources, Health and Safety Management, Quality, Environment, etc.

As a result anybody can become a privileged coordinator and act for these health challenges which can become a new catalyst and backbone element for team building in your company.

Are you interested in establishing a health campaign in your company ?

Are you interested in the « ACTION in your Company » program ? Learn more about the different types of options and the profiles of our speakers ?

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