The ACTION group

Allies in Cardiovascular Trials, Initiatives and Organized Networks

ACTION group is an independent not for profit academic group or ARO (Academic Research Organization) established in 2007 and based at the Cardiology Institute within the University Hospital La Pitié-Salpêtrière in Paris. ACTION Group is a unique structure to promote the state of knowledge and relies on :

  • a national and international network of investigators to lead trials in respect of deadlines and budgets ;
  • a strong desire to act and innovate to improve current patient care and prognosis by conducting trials addressing key questions for the patients ;
  • outstanding expertise in the field of cardiology and in particular coronary syndromes, antithrombotic and antiplatelet treatments, genetics, diagnosis tests but also metabolism and nutrition.

Our research themes

The team

President’s message

Pr. Montalescot

Prof. Gilles Montalescot
Président of ACTION Group

Cardiovascular diseases (heart, blood and vessels) are the prime cause of adult mortality worldwide. Our heart is a muscle which needs to be protected and treated.

ACTION Group leads preventive actions and research on the most progressive treatments of infarction, coronary disease, and atherosclerosis in general. The ambition is to improve the prognosis for patients at risk of or having suffered a cardiovascular event.
Thanks to donations as well as private and public subsidies ACTION Group was able to initiate, perform, and publish the results of state of the art clinical research. This research is carried out on a national and international level, with the cooperation of a dense network, built over many years, of centers and highly motivated investigators.

Our Association, unique in France, is proud of the work accomplished and determined to continue over the years to come because the battle against cardiovascular diseases is far from over..

Together we can improve knowledge, diagnostic means and treatment in particular in the area of atherosclerosis and thrombosis. Your confidence and if possible your help is and will be important. Discover and endorse ACTION Group. Your support is vital to our ambition.

The means of ACTION Group come exclusively from public generosity, research grants, sponsorship and the loyalty of our donators.
Your financial support is precious to materialize ACTION Group’s projects for the benefit of all patients suffering from a cardiac pathology. Each euro collected will contribute to this purpose !